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Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives; from televisions to smartphones to refrigerators, it’s almost as if our lives have become intertwined with it. Imagine surviving the brutal summer temperatures in Boca Raton, FL area without your air conditioner. Maybe a few centuries ago when urbanization didn’t exist, yes, but today, the idea sounds impossible. That’s how important these manmade mechanical marvels of engineering have become – and equally important is the guidance of the right AC service company, who’ll help you with the installation, timely maintenance and any repairs that crop up. Finding one is easy since there’s no dearth of air conditioner services in the region, but finding the right one is where the challenge lies.

Who are you letting into your home?

Ask yourself this very question before you hire someone – and it’s not just applicable for AC services, but for all utility services, in general. If a technician shows up at your place in an unmarked van, wearing jeans and a casual T-shirt, it should send alarm bells ringing right away. Your home is your biggest asset, and letting a complete stranger with improper credentials is a strict no-no. Most pretend technicians under the pretext of looking at your AC can do away with important parts and sell it on the black market, or worse, may get away with your valuables. It’s vital to trust only reputed, established and reliable AC service companies – a company like Boca Raton AC Repair.

With a solid twenty years of serving the region, we’ve held the #1 position and are trusted by thousands of residential clients for our impeccable services. It’s no wonder our number – 561-293-2391 – has made it into the phonebooks of innumerable customers.

Best-in-class AC expertise

There’s absolutely nothing related to air conditioners that we can’t work on. From fixing your ductless AC system to installing a cutting-edge centralized unit to lending indoor air quality improvement solutions, we can do it all. With trained technicians in our midst who have profound knowledge of working even the most advanced of ACs and the latest models, we’ve never once failed to deliver on our customer’s expectations. Added to that, our sophisticated ultra-modern equipment, tool kits and a massive fleet of mobile workshops enable us to get to your location fast and resolve the issue even faster.

Here’s a look at some of the service we provide:

Choosing the right AC:

If you’re confused with the array of options available in the market, then you need to avail our residential AC services. We’ll suggest the best model based on an assessment.


Don’t consider new AC installation a DIY job. Hire the pros to get it installed the right manner so that it works seamlessly and upto its maximum capacity.


If your AC isn’t cooling your home or has stopped working completely, before you decide on a replacement let our experts take a look. We can fix it!


We’ve flexible maintenance plans you can choose from that are aligned with your needs, so that your air conditioner runs smoothly, always.

We care for your home as if it were our own

After an installation job or a repair, most technicians leave the place in a state of mess, but we, at Boca Raton AC Repair, won’t. Before we get started, we lay down carpets, sheets and will wear boots over our shoes. We take extra care to not cause any collateral damage to your property during drilling or when laying the ductwork. Once we’re done, we clean up after us. So, it’s like we were never even there!

When it comes to residential AC service in Boca Raton, FL, you deserve the best! Give us a call on 561-293-2391!