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When one speaks of Palm Beach County, it’s instantly associated with tall, swaying palm trees, sunny beaches, natural splendor, warm climate, and the glitz and glamour of urban life. What was once a swamp underwent a whirlwind of change to become the epitome of beauty that it is today! With time, the region experienced an upsurge in the number of settlers who thronged the region for its pleasant aura and the myriad opportunities it offered, making Palm Beach county one of the fastest growing in Florida.

The development came at a price

Despite everything Palm Beach had and has, its phenomenal growth and development took a piece of it – a price that every resident had to pay! Shrinking green cover, and major alterations in building designs to accommodate the increased population prompted the increased use of air conditioners, so much so, that today, survival without is next to impossible. Palm Beach County is known for its warm temperatures throughout the year and even warmer summers – and its air conditioners that have helped its residents brave the heat, imparting the comfort needed.

Dependency on air conditioners

Boca Raton AC Repair Boca Raton, FL 561-293-2391From the smallest condo to the largest of commercial establishments, air conditioners are everywhere, and have long shed their tag of being a ‘novelty’ to become a necessity. Considering the year round use we subject our air ACs to and our heavy dependency on them to keep our cool and comfort, it comes as no surprise, that residents of the county spend a significant chunk of their savings on it. From purchasing new units, to chipping in for repairs from time to time, to setting aside a hefty sum to pay up the monthly energy bills, ACs can be an expensive investment, but a crucial one nonetheless. If you’re worried about the associated costs and want to cut them down, then you need a reliable AC service partner like Boca Raton AC Repair who’ll help you make the best choices.

How can we help you reduce costs?

We understand that owning and running an air conditioning system can be high-maintenance – and that’s why provide a full-suite of solutions that can help eliminate excess costs associated and allow your system to run hassle-free for long. From ensuring that we install the right air conditioner to ensure efficient operation to providing timely maintenance checks and repairs, we do it all to make sure you don’t have to incur heavy charges over absurdly-high electricity bills or frequent repairs.

Here’s a look at some of the services we provide in Palm Beach County:

Installation: Wrong unit sizing and improper installation could mean that your AC runs into trouble frequently, operated ineffectively and dies out well ahead of time. We make sure we install the right AC – and in the right manner.

Maintenance:Our cost-effective maintenance plans are just what you need to keep your air conditioner in trim condition despite the heavy use you subject it to. With thorough 15-point maintenance checks and subsidized repairs, you can be assured of hassle-free operation.

Repairs: Despite being shown good care, ACs can break down at unexpected times – and the last thing you want is for it to happen in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. We provide prompt response to your repair needs, and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Air quality: Unknown to you, you might be breathing in harmful contaminants and allergens in the air indoors. That’s why our experts recommend regular cleanup of the HVAC system in addition to installation of air purifiers and UV lights. Talk to us for expert recommendations!

We provide all this and a lot more. So, if you need an AC expert, feel free to reach out to us on 561-293-2391!

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